Imagine a tiny village that somehow managed to stay out of Positano’s massive tourist flow, but has the same beauty and offers even more dramatic landscapes to its visitors.

That’s Praiano. From here, you will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, an amazing view and a true local feel. Life in Praiano is simple. During the winter, I still get to talk with Italian grannies who cook for their grandchildren. Nothing inspires me more. Visiting Praiano is a great way of discovering untouched spots of the Amalfi coast. Let me invite you for a special aperitif at sunset, a homemade lunch or dinner but most of all, an immersive taste experience.

I speak perfect English and I have offered highly selected service in more than a refined restaurant both in Italy and in the U.S. My terrace is discretely furnished as the natural beauty of the sea meeting the skyline makes the ambiance on its own. I love getting to know my guests but I never break the relaxing sound of silence during an elegant dinner that needs no words. I believe there’s no better way for a traveler to connect with local culture than sharing a meal. That’s why I’m inviting you to book a cooking class on my terrace in Praiano.


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Top-Notch Amalfi Cooking with Chef and Teacher Sergio
My wife and I recently attended an evening cooking class with Sergio at his home in Praiano...
Connie B
What an awesome evening!!! Sergio welcomed us into his cucina and taught us about authentic Italian cuisine....